„The power of the team is always in his people.“

Our law firm, Maršálek & Žíla, with branch offices in Vsetín and Holešov, is a contemporary, dynamic law firm, specialising in long-term business relations with long-term clients. Our client numbers continue to grow substantially, year on year.

We offer legal services primarily in the following areas

Corporate law, including mergers and acquisitions

Dispute resolutions and arbitration, asset questions, legal proceedings and insolvency proceedings

Civil law focusing on the issues of marital property

Labour law focusing on labour services agencies

Contractual agendas focusing on legal relationships in real estate

Public law focusing on building and tax legal issues

Awards received

by our law firm

Identification Data

Mgr. Petr Maršálek,
Attorney at Law

Bar Association N.: 12353
Business ID.: 714 71 561
TIN: CZ8108165879



Mgr. Michal Žíla,
Attorney at Law

Bar Association N.: 12559
Business ID.: 714 71 057
TIN: CZ8203203525


Maršálek & Žíla Law Firm

Registered office address: Stará Cesta 676, 755 01 Vsetín

Branch office address: ul. Samostatnost č.p. 1181, 769 01 Holešov

Phone: (00420) 571 410 895

gsm: (00420) 737 517 922

e-mail: vsetin@marsalekzila.cz

web: www.marsalekzila.cz