We achieved the following statistics in our preferred fields of law in the period starting 1.8.2017 and ending 31.7.2018:

Corporate law, including mergers and acquisitions
Legal consulting in the field of corporate law is a traditional component of our services and includes the provision of comprehensive legal services in individual fields (i.e. the comprehensive agenda of corporate law pursuant to the corporation and co-operative law, as well as all types of conversions pursuant to the law on conversions of corporations and co-operatives). In the determining period, we successfully completed 55 corporate changes, two divestitures by spin-off (amalgamation) and four successful “squeeze out” processes. The value of all corporate law transactions amounted to CZK 220,167,320.00.
Employment law
In the determining period, we carried out for our clients all types of legal negotiations related to the labour-law agenda and prepared and reviewed several dozen documents associated with the assignment of labour services agency workers to particular jobs with the user, such as general or specific agreements on temporary assignment and instructions for temporary assignment.
ŘDispute resolutions, arbitration, asset questions, insolvency proceedings
In the determining period, we defended the interests of our clients in 492 legal disputes. The aggregate sum of money claimed in the disputes came to ca. CZK 32,500,000.00. In the determining period, we filed 285 motions to order distraint to recover claims in total exceeding CZK 16,750,000.00.
Our law firm filed a total of 10 motions to initiate insolvency proceedings in the determining period. Additionally, on behalf of 46 clients, we submitted claims to the aggregate amount of CZK 25,000,000.00
Legal relations in real estate
In the determining period, our law firm prepared and successfully executed ca. 338 deeds of sale with respect to the transfer of real estate title (immovables) recorded in the land registry, with total value of the transferred estate in excess of CZK 336,334,000.00. Moreover, we prepared two land-lease and sale contracts and approximately 70 legal negotiations on lease rights..
In the determining period, we prepared for our clients more than 8,300 documents (contracts, agreements, affirmations, legal analyses, etc.) and standpoints on specific tasks across all law disciplines throughout the entire Czech Republic system of law.